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East Washington, Jefferson: apartments, rentals, condo User Name Remember Me Password [ Register ] Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Hello, I am moving to the area and am looking for a cheap town to buy a home. I'm 30 and I don't have a wife or children so I don't need to worry about schools or anything like that.

My goal is to save some money fix the house up and then rent it out after I move to a more suburban neighberhood in a few years. My question are is Washington dangerous? I don't care if its a little bit rundown I just don't want to live in a town where I have to worry about my safety. What areas should I avoid if so? You'd probably have to get a realtor to answer questions like that, because you can have good streets or blocks and the next one over is trash.

WashPa is a very weird and seedy town. I lived there for a year. Washington pa hookers whole town suffers from benign neglect if it's not actively becoming a ghetto. There are lo of old homes from early 20th century that are getting carved up into many small apartments.

There are several housing projects full of gang and criminal activity that moved there from NYC and Gulf Coast. There are single men who moved there to be shale gas roughnecks. I female never went out at night. The Washington Hospital owns at least houses and many Washington pa hookers those are up there near the hospital. East Washington is nicer old homes, but I'd prefer to see it not get turned into rentaslums like the rest of the town. I looked at buying a house there when I could not find a decent non-slum, safe, pet-friendly place to rent.

Realtors told me to buy in Richeyville or somewhere outside of Washington. Slumlords or Hospital seem to be the only real buyers. If you are into prostitutes then Washington is just swell thanks to the town being a bottleneck for interstates 70 and And heroin. There's a lot of that there, too. Seriously, OP, the entire place is seedy and depressing. I don't think there are any building codes, nor restrictions on what can be done with homes.

Slumlords get in there and gut and subdivide a house, and then you don't know who you'll have for neighbors. Conversion to apartments creates parking problems, too, because there is street parking only. Most of WashPa growth seemed to happen from to maybe the s, and they had trollys. Many homes have no garage at all. Others have just a tumbledown 1-car wooden garage from the s. Google Maps and Google Earth show may of the streets quite well: Faded,worn, neglected, drab. The people there are pretty much the same, too. WashPA would be a good candidate for gentrification for a while yet, but the longer the low-class stuff goes on there, the less the homes will be worth restoring.

Thanks guys for your help! Washington pa hookers really don't want to live anywhere that I have to worry about my safety. Are all the lower class areas dangerous? I lived in a neighberhood that was really poor but everyone just left each other alone. I never had to worry about getting robbed or anything. But it was in a small town. You just had to put up with things like garbage in the yards or the police being called to the street every now and again for a domestic despute or something like that.

Washington pa hookers

Is there anywhere in Washington Like that? Here is a little more about my situation. I have a very good job where I make good money now. But I lost my last job in the 2nd half of Even though I got this job in I have struggled to fully recover financially since then. I would like to move somewhere cheap for a couple years to get my finances completely in order then I can buy a house where I actually want to live. I really want to set down some roots the next time I move.

So I would prefer to stay in the same town After living in the cheap house I would move to a subdivsion in Washington. I know I should probably rent the cheap house but I have had some bad experiances with slum lords when I was younger.

Washington pa hookers

I could afford to buy a cheap house for what I pay for rent and I could have "More Control" over where I lived. I don't want to move into some old house that had been broken down into apartments and be able to hear every word spoken by my neighbors again.

Washington pa hookers

Or worse if Washington has that many problems live in the same house as a drug dealer or something. Washington PA seriously isn't that bad of a city. If you stay out of the projects, you should be fine. Washington PA proper sounds like where you described, with some wealthy sub divisions north of I70 in South Strabane twp.

Wow, so much negativity! Washington PA has some absolutely gorgeous Victorian era residential neighborhoods. Many of the homes and streets are beautifully maintained. Yes, of course there are drab areas, but there are some really nice areas in the city, too. Sadly, the downtown was really damaged some time in the mid 20th century, when it was clear cut for urban renewal. There are some fabulous urban residential neighborhoods, though. Here's the thing. Don't buy a house you don't like in an area you don't want to live. If your dream is to live in a vinyl McMansion in a cheap plastic subdivision, I can't see how you will be happy in an old urban city.

Make up your mind whether you want to live in a historic urban area or a subdivision. Some of the grand houses in Washington city that you can buy for 50k are superior in quality, construction, and beauty to anything that could be built today. I looked at a map of WashPa and I actually tried to pick out a neighborhood or some streets that I didn't think of as Washington pa hookers and shabby.

Jefferson Ave itself is a slum. But there are some nice houses a couple streets back: Allison Avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania West Chestnut and the streets to the west of it are slummy. I think they call that "west Washington" I dunno. You should go there and look around. But like I said, it varies block by block and street by street. You'd probably be okay up near the hospital. Washington Hospital owns so many homes 1 because their family practice residency program provides a single family home to every resident, and 2 to control the neighborhood and help keep it safe for the patients and their families.

What I saw, looking at rentals, was people just don't take home security seriously there. Many of those houses were built in or so and still have flimsy old wood cellar doors and easy-to-break windows and doors, and nobody has even done anything to make the house harder to break into. Washington is a dump, but I doubt you'd feel "unsafe", if that's all you're afraid of. Not a very happening place for a single dude in his 30's though. Buy an old Cavalier, dress in some Echo gear, start snorting oxycontin and acting like Eminem and you're in with the ladies of Washington, PA.

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Washington pa hookers

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