Looking for those interested in erotic art

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By Artspace Editors. But what about more recent art history? Who are the artists making erotic art in the 21st century? Image via Artnet. The Conservatoryan oil painting by the American artist John Currin, depicts two women in sexual ecstasy. Its title refers to a music school, and the painting contains visual references to that, with one woman holding a violin and bow while a cello lies discarded on the floor beneath the lovers.

In an earlier version of the painting, Currin made no reference to music, instead placing a bottle of wine in the scene as a prop. The finished work is changed to the more formal setting, suggestive of a music lesson abandoned halfway through in favour of a passionate encounter. The Conservatoryhowever, is surprisingly chaste in modern pornographic terms.

Both women are shown semi-naked and in the appearance of sexual rapture, but Currin has chosen to clothe the figures in elements of underwear, and exposes only one pair of breasts to the viewer, creating a scene of titillation for the onlooker, rather than outright porn. Image via artimage. For all the sexuality in Dark Holethis is not so much an erotic image as one about lust and loneliness. One can imagine a Looking for those interested in erotic art woman, abandoned by a man, masturbating nimbly, her body buckled and gently writhing under the pervasive exploration of her fingers.

At the centre of the image is her vulva, which she presents to the viewer for inspection, yet there is nothing to see but a dark hole, a black void suggesting that the entry to her soul lies elsewhere. It was important for Emin that the disembodied figure look like an emancipated woman and not a girl. Her scratchy style, reminiscent of the Austrian artist Egon Schiele, adds to this illusion, as do the killer boardroom heels the subject is wearing. This is a picture about a woman trying to love herself, as well as others. In it, Emin asks what it means to be a woman and a lone sexual entity.

Image via huffpost. The American artist George Condo has since the s been creating figurative works that reinterpret Old Master painting in light of twentieth-and twentyfirst-century styles. His images are often shocking, grotesque and highly humorous. Certainly, this last element is one of the most powerful in Figures in a Gardenand in the middle ground it becomes especially difficult to discern where one body ends and the next begins.

The loose patches of paint building up the background and the surface of the canvas tend to blur and obscure the masses of figures further. This expressive markmaking elicits a sense of Dionysian freedom as bodies entwine in orgiastic ecstasy.

The hand pressing down on his back for support indicates that sexual intercourse is happening beyond the frame. Goldin has always been drawn to those who are estranged from society in some way, by their addictions, by their sexuality or by their identity. Her first portraits depicted drag queens living in the Bowery in Manhattan, and then she started taking candid photographs of her friends sleeping, having sex, getting high and dying, before turning the camera on herself, documenting the bruises from an abusive relationship and her problems with heroin.

But it is the humanism in her pictures and her refusal to judge that give them so much power. The theatricality of the warm tones and luminous, baroque lighting, which evoke the painting of the sixteenth-century Italian artist Caravaggio suggests that this might not be as private as it first appears, but rather an erotic performance.

Looking for those interested in erotic art

Image via Galvak Gallery. Yet the unusual arrangement is made by cropping a vintage pornographic photograph down to an erogenous zone. In s America, feminist artists began to represent sex from a female perspective, as part of a wider debate surrounding the way women were objectified and represented in art.

Rather than being the passive subject of the male gaze, women became active participants, in control of their own sexuality Tompkins trained as an Abstract Expressionist painter, but she found the medium of photo-realism better suited to her intentions. Taking her subject matter from hardcore pornographic magazines, obtained illegally from outside the United States, she cropped the pictures tightly until only the act of sexual intercourse remained. She then painstakingly re-created the crops in paint, in graphic detail on a monumental scale.

Close up, the paintings appear to be hazy, abstract images; they coalesce into an erect penis or a vagina only when viewed from a distance. This dialogue with the paintings, of becoming absorbed in their soft forms before resolving them into discernible images, is where their erotic power resides. The sensuality of this painting lies not just in the partially seen couple in the foliage, but also in the thickly applied oil paint itself.

The marks are voluptuous and smeary, suggestive of bodily fluids and flesh, the pink, unguent colours of the lovers melding with the earthy tones of the tree branches. In this painting she refers to a classical arcadia, a subject popular since antiquity, in which beautiful nymphs are portrayed in lush forest settings. Here, the paint enmeshes the couple in a bucolic landscape, rendering them in close harmony with their surroundings. The naked couple in Teenage Wildlife twist and evaporate into the feral congestion of branches while in other paintings it only takes the tiniest flick of paint, discerned through the untamed foliage for the erotic narratives to begin forming in the mind.

Yet these stories are always sidelined by the sheer force of the paint. Image via the artist. The Bombay-born British sculptor Anish Kapoor evokes the human body in a primal way: through curving forms, inviting recesses, tactile materials or resonant colours. A sensual, anthropomorphic quality permeates his work in a broad range of materials, scales and colours, and he has spoken about sexuality as fundamental to life and origin. Of his sculptures, Hysterical Sexual is among the most blatantly suggestive. From afar, it looks like a cold, abstract ovoid form split in the middle; at the same time, it bears an undeniable resemblance to the most intimate part of the female body, the vulva.

This elegant fibreglass-and-gold artwork is rife with such dichotomies. For instance, its smooth, sensuous form entices the viewer but is hard to the touch, the antithesis of the yielding flesh of female genitalia. Its mirrored surface invites the external world in through reflections, while the central seam resists entry, parting only enough to reveal a tantalizing glimpse of its inner chasm. The use of gold equates the vagina with preciousness, but also emphasizes its material value as a desirable commodity. Thus this work conflates notions of abstraction and figuration, interior and exterior, intimacy and exposure While Hysterical Sexual can be appreciated as an exploration of surface and space, the solid and the intangible, on another level it can be seen as a playful celebration of female sexuality.

As such it fits into a proud lineage of female genital depictions in art. Image via LA Times. The contemporary artist Gillian Wearing explores questions of identity in her work. She is particularly interested in examining the Looking for those interested in erotic art between our public and private personas, and how we express—or conceal—our dreams and fantasies The idea for the series was sparked when the artist heard a statistic that announced that two-thirds of young women in the United Kingdom wanted to embark on a career in glamor modelling.

At the time, the success and wealth of glamour models such as Katie Price known as Jordan were widely reported in the British press, a fact that perhaps led to the high level of interest in this area of work.

Looking for those interested in erotic art

Wearing decided to explore this desire in a series of artworks, and placed advertisements online and in newspapers for women who would like to be transformed into a pin-up. Of the hundreds of replies she received, she chose thirty to audition, and from those women she created a series of works that show the participants adopting the provocative poses associated with glamour modelling. She photographed the models and then doctored the images in Photoshop to express the often unrealistic physical proportions—long legs, unfeasibly large breasts, tiny waists—that appear in glamour shots.

Image via ArtNews. In this large painting by the British artist Jenny Saville, two figures—a male and a female—are sprawled, entangled, on a bed in the foreground. They are naked and intimate, although not shown engaged in the act of lovemaking; the mood is instead contemplative and calm, and while the man stares impassively down at the female, she is distracted and stares into space.

This scene appears realistic, but on closer examination the two central characters are shown in repeat, and in other positions, across the painting, including in a mirror propped up at the back of the scene. The movements are suggestive of film stills or still photographs merged to create one fluid work.

Image via whitney. This tableau is situated within a collage of pattern fabrics and surfaces, layered and juxtaposed with textures, flattened and pictorial space.

Looking for those interested in erotic art

The reclining girl looks out of the painting with a strong, uncompromising gaze. Her sensuality is put on show, raising questions about how women are objectified and represented in art. Measuring 3 metres 10 feet across and 2. We offer exclusive works you can't find anywhere else. Collecting with us means you're helping to sustain creative culture and supporting organizations that are making the world a better place. We have the resources to find works that suit your needs. Artspace offers you authentic, exclusive works from world-renowned artists, galleries, museums and cultural institutions.

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Looking for those interested in erotic art

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Looking for those interested in erotic art

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Looking for those interested in erotic art

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