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We have a lot ideas about what we want to do to make the site better for everyone, and I have heard a few ideas come out in the chat room itself. If everyone will add a comment below with Insert unique online sex chat rooms here suggestions then we can keep them all in one place and add further comments on the ideas.

Much better than just getting a random pm in the chat room — so tell us what you think! Logging on is a pain. I logged in last week and now i cant get to the window to put in my name. There is no rhyme or reason. If i lose connection or log off on my own i am not able to get back in for minutes. I really enjoy using your site and will probably keep using it for a long time. I have a few suggestions for the future chat systems:. As some people enjoy the windowed PMs more and some prefer the tabbed ones maybe you could add an option for people to choose whichever one they want.

Or if you bring it back maybe make it so you can only rate people after actually talking with each other? I will probably think of some more suggestions to post in the future. Sarah18 Insert unique online sex chat rooms here these are great suggestions.

You have put together several of the things that I have heard from others as well, I appreciate this big time! I want to start this off properly by saying thank you for all the work you put into this so we all may enjoy, I love it here, thank you Nash.

I think the tabbed private messages are a better fit, at least for me, this way I do not have 4 or 5 boxes blocking my screen I realize they shrink but I often turn my sound off and have music playing as I chat and wonder why my PM was not answered and the one I am speaking with wonders why I have not replied, with tabs this is not an issue. The ability to save conversations is of paramount importance to me. I do not know that all save chats but I know quite a few who do, myself included, for the memories and the pleasure of reading over again at some point.

I feel the ability to save chats is also beneficial when a chat log nees to be saved and sent to a mod or to you. Most of my casual time is spent in the porn room and I love it there actually, however some of the links are very questionable such as jailbait. One user posts from there frequently and I did block him as well as hunt for a mod, but found no mod on site yet I did pass the information on the following day.

Another issue i see int he porn room seems to be room specific I suppose, lo of incest porn being posted, can that type be directed to the family room? I suppose another option is open my own porn based user room, perhaps will go with that? Not certain this is the proper forum to ask this but throwing it in anyway, I read your post about the Tekor chat I believe it was, is it strictly android based or will it be web user friendly as well?

What I read confused me more than cleared it for me. The OC does have better save chats I think, the buddy list and block list, not as good as the NC system. Your points will definitely weigh in on the next system we are building. These may not have been specifically banned by our older rules, but the addon information presented in the content guidelines, which are now and have been for some time part of the rules for the chats. The newer tekor chat system is working on android and regular computer web browsers and iOs devices from what I gather at this time.

Thanks for the quick reply and explaining the newest chat developments better, it is much appreciated. If i happen across the questionable link again I will make certain to forward the information to you. For the last couple of days I seem to be unable to connect to the chatroom. This is the message that comes up:.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. The lo but thst just appears in the box where the chat would be. I just read your post about the OC chat staying down and it will be a shame to see it go.

Thanks for keeping us informed during the problems with the site and for providing this place for us to meet up and chat together. Will the old chat come back…. Please bring it back! The chances should probably reset once you manage to remember your pw. Magnus — I will reset that now. The balance between security and convenience is bee-otch sometimes. This room would be greatly improved by taking it back to the OldSkool and getting rid of precious Mods who are way too hypersensitive to effectively run the room.

I really do. What used to be a place of fun and freedom — moderated by people who were actually engaged in being fun and sexy and playful themselves — has been sterilised to its death. A very sad demise…. So current mods may not be aware of those comment thre. Of course I am not aware of the context either, the word cunt by itself may be controversial to some, like the word bitch… but if someone was getting warned or kicked for being abusive with things that happened to include that word that would be one thing.

I agree about the plenty of places for non-bad language, and so our place here should be much more open indeed. We do have a general policy of trying to step away, be objective, and not judge others sexuality. While some things may be pretty easy to put into a should move category, I imagine there are other things that may seem normal to some and come off as being quite taboo to others, so I can imagine there may be some particular specifics that we need to discuss more as moderators and a community as a whole. For some spanking an ass and yelling show me your cunt is a term of endearment.

To some it may be considered a horrific thing they never want to hear about. Other specific cases? I have not heard many lately. Some of those are posted there. I am always open to hear about other issues where some in the room thing we are letting the line of grey area cross over to warnings too soon, or not soon enough. Hey ya Nash — Thanks for your response. I do recall one of them asking me not to use it so much. Off the top of my head, I can think of three and will give you names if you care to take this up via. And you will more than likely find some time in the distant past this was an issue.

In fact, one of them was attended by someone from this chatroom. I understand that it is culturally defined. I understand the word is loaded. In fact, I think after talking with you years and years ago the old Rape Room was re-named.

Insert unique online sex chat rooms here

Which brings me to your point about triggers… Yes, everyone has them. The point here is that we all have to be responsible for our own shit. And they have absolutely no business Modding. If you took the time to know them and find out where some of their limits are, you would see some of the issues your users deal with all the time.

Insert unique online sex chat rooms here

If we have a drama we are FORCED to use block, not go dobbing to a Mod whose day depends on feeling superior in an online sex chat room. I do appreciate your response, and am happy to continue chatting about this and whatever else via etc. Several people eg Tex, ladyLikes know how to find me super easy, or you can Google MisKnickers if ya want…. I do remember this issue coming up some time ago and there was some discussion about it. I think the amount of controversy is likely to change quite a bit depending on the time of day around here.

Depending on the parts of the world a majority of the chatters at the time are in, and the average age likely are factors as well. The word bitch tends to have similar controversy with some people as well. I also think it is important for people to share their thoughts and issues in regards to language.

I believe our mods currently are pretty good at accepting many things that they would likely not in real life. I also believe there will always be some fringe cases that crop up where a moderator may object to or warn about something that they believe to be a serious issue, when in fact for a majority of people in the room it is not. Certainly we have had to deal with certain words and fetishes and try to decide if they should be warned or asked to take things to Insert unique online sex chat rooms here rooms and such many times.

That sounds great on digital paper or at least in my head! If that was the policy for a debate class in a local college, it would be pretty easy to get a feel for the things those in that class had issue with. So modding for this worldwide changing group is not easy. The mods are people who are part of the community here, and I appreciate it when people do pipe up and let me know that something being said bothers them, in real life and in cyber world. That does not always change what I say, but sometimes it does. Generally I try to alter my language a bit for those around me.

Sometimes things slip, but generally what I say and how I say it is partially censored depending on my surroundings.

Insert unique online sex chat rooms here

Not for everyone I know. See ya bitch, later whores — stuff like that was just normal. I had one GF who could not stand to be called honey or hun. No offense is intended, it just happens sometimes. I am sure there are also some people who have heard that word come from me that thought it was being used in a condescending or perhaps chauvinistic way.

With all that being said, intention I believe is also a big part of it, and things change kind of fast in our world these days. We had a certain person in the relatively recent past that used the term fag for attention. The word rape is indeed one of those that tends to mean different things to different people. I understand the seriousness of the word, the act, and feel for those who are affected by it. These terms today, and the past few years or so tend to have a different intent depending on the surrounding situation. Of course intent does not usually change the triggered feeling.

I would not say that someone was the incarnation of evil for saying they got ass raped during a match of call of duty when they are chatting in a video game chat room, and I would not think someone was in the wrong for piping up to tell other people in that chat room that they wished people would create a different term and use that, and that they had strong feeling about the words being used to describe a win or loss of a game.

I think the spanking thing has ebbed and flower over time, for a while normal, then not so much, then 50 shades of grey, so BDsM is the new normal. So wow, depending on the time of day and the group that is Insert unique online sex chat rooms here the lobby, having missionary with tea might be frowned upon if it was in the open room! We do have standards for the mods. Some have pushed those standards in ways that I had been unaware of, but most have been quite good at biting their tongue.

When someone is reading the mod rules I have no doubt some taboo things are thrown in their face as being things they need to let go that they would not accept in real life conversations. Some have understood this better than others.

Some mods have been pulled from the ranks for pressuring others to conform to their norms, and a couple of mods have reed because they could not stand it. Some have made mistakes and have been guided that they went overboard in some situations. I have no doubt a few situations have occurred where mods got heavy handed on some things that I would not have batted an eye about.

Insert unique online sex chat rooms here

My inbox and the comments area here have been open for years. I can only help guide people when I have specifics. I was not aware that you were perma-banned, I could check some notes on that — but that will take some digging. I wonder if all the rooms had people in them which room you would like enough. Given that the lobby is a bit more politically correct than say the BDsM room. I am glad you are okay with your naughty — I think that has been a big problem for many over the centuries; too many people told they should not be okay with something outside the norm.

I am also glad you have found places where it is absolutely permitted. Not everyone finds a place where their naughtiness is absolutely okay. It would be nice if the mods were indeed just monitors that only had one thing they had to kick for.

Thanks for spending the time Cali, you tend to get me thinking and writing, which is interesting sometimes.

Insert unique online sex chat rooms here

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Insert unique online sex chat rooms here