Athletic male looking for fun

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A key passage:. I would have found this article more interesting if the author could have just conceded the obvious fact that elite female athletes are simply not equal Athletic male looking for fun their male counterparts in terms of physical ability—kind of an important thing for an athlete, unlike in other professions.

The difference is real and impossible to ignore. To put it another way, who would have the advantage in any athletic competition you can think of: an elite female athlete or her identical twin who trained just as hard but also took testosterone injections from the age of 12? On the other hand, sports that highlight the different strengths of female athletes—tennis, gymnastics, ice skating— are popular. None of those are team sports, so there may be something there.

I think you may be on to something about the difference with team sports. That game represented the beauty of athletic competition. GeorgeOrwellGeorge points to a sport where relative female weakness is actually an asset for spectating:.

Floyd Mayweather can get easily beaten by a heavyweight, but he is the one who gets more money and attention in that sport. According to this study :. Women earn fewer quick points than men due to differences in arm strength, so digging becomes essential to victory for women.

With the ball in play longer, staying alive determines the winner of a match. Another way that men can slow down a game :. According to a studywomen fake injury half as much as men do. Because not a lot of people are willing to pay to watch ultimate frisbee and lawn bowling. The former get paid a lot less for the same reasons. End of story.

Athletic male looking for fun

Another simple but strong argument from Ivan Lendl :. They are entertaining and inspirational to young women all over the world. For that reason, they have great value, and I think they are worthy of charitable help when teams get insolvent.

A similar view from d1onys0s :. If women want to support their own gender by becoming sport fanatics like the droves of idiot men, there is nothing stopping them. But Diane DeeG thinks the cards have been too stacked against female athletes:.

Athletic male looking for fun

Fox Sports is banking on that sentiment, with this stirring ad:. Insanedreamer takes a step back:. In another part of the entertainment business, pop music, there is more gender parity; women hold four of the top 10 slots for wealth among recording artists, including the 1 slot, which goes to Madonna. In the acting world, however, men sweep the top Back to sports, tennis seems to be the only place of parity— five of the top 10 earners are women.

Athletic male looking for fun

But that causes Thurman Ulrich to complain:. The four Grand Slam tournaments pay women the same cash prize as it does for men, despite the fact that men have to play two more sets than women. Cxt points to general disparities across the sports world:. The best track and field athletes don't make as much as most basketball players. The strongest men in the world and the toughest MMA fighters only make a fraction of the endorsement money of golfers like Tiger Woods or tennis players like Maria Sharapova.

Baseball players make much more than football players, despite their sport having less chance of serious injury and a much longer playing life. Yes, it sucks to be that talented yet not as financially rewarded, but that is the nature of spectator sports.

A snapshot of those varying rewards:. TwoHatchet tries to simplify things when it comes to sports and gender:. Now we can compare, person to person, how well each player performs and teams can be composed of the best players, both men and women. On that note, Luke asks:. Not allowed :. Not out of charity. Want people with disabilities to be treated identically to the able-bodied in society?

Then stop making them a special case. Tim Gabin has a more creative approach:. That is when the fun begins.

Athletic male looking for fun

Stop using male role models and male athletic archetypes to create meaning and legitimacy. Start making something new—that everyone will love. I asked some people if they intended to watch the World Cup. They all said hell no. But then someone turned on the TV and Germany was playing, and a young woman they were calling "Sausage" real name Sasic was kicking some tail.

Three men sat there and watched the whole game. You can track the following month of World Cup matches here. For daily coverage, check out espnW and Screamer. Popular Latest.

Athletic male looking for fun

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Athletic male looking for fun

Hope Solo makes a save.

Athletic male looking for fun

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